Toca Life: Vacation App Reviews

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This game is amazing

I love Toca boca and this game is so awesome there’s a character that looks like me too!!!!!!!!

Summer; fun but more than sun

I love this app it's really fun but maybe you could add a small theme park with a roller coaster and ferries wheel and carousel. A new app idea, Toca life wizards/ fairytale a magic forest a castle and I think a school of magic would be a great thing too, lots of secrets and it would be cool if like certain characters had different powers one might have earth another could be ice plus potions spells and curses and mythical creatures thx for reading


I never knew about your games but then my told me about it and this is the first toca life game I got. And I love this game.


This game is the best game ever because it’s just fun and stuff. I love how you can interact with everything. Keep up the good work and I have all the games of Toca life. Keep up the good work and make more Toca life games!!👍👍👍

Great idea

I like the game but yo should add more people and ones that look more normal. Also on floor 0 you should add more clothes and a hair place.

Fixing please

Good but fixing.Could you guys make the airplane go to different places because it’s very stupid just staying at the airport.And the hotel 3 floors don’t think so guys. It should have 10 floors or 20. Not three. And why is there no lifeguards at the beach!If somebody fell in the water. What would happen. He would get stuck at the bottom of the pool! He would died or get sick.Please fix it.


How can I make people jump on the bed I have an iPhone and it doesnt work

OMG this is the best game I have ever found thank you god for having these smart people create it

Omg this app is just amazing I can’t believe it I love acting out the charters and stuff one suggestion though can you should try to make the airplane fly so it will be more realistic as it already is I love this app keep up the good work though there is app that copied you guys it’s like a knock off brand of y’all you download it for free and you have to pay for ALL the places and ALL the charters it’s call miga something town I just wanted to inform you on that keep up the amazing work btw you should make a theme park one that would be so cool I payed for ALL of your guys toca life apps they were SO ADDICTIVE I could not get off of the games and I can’t decide which one to play keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍😋😀


Ok I love this game so much!!!!!!! I downloaded ALL your apps, including after school. I just think you should be more creative. Like, why not make like a toca kingdom!!! That would be amazing with like a dragon and a FAIRY and a MERMAID. Toca box’s AB, if you are reading this, AT LEAST consider this! Wonderful app! Also, write back to tell me what you think. Love you so much!

Great game

This game is great I love it so much one of the best toca life apps

Plz read we need this

I like everyone else would LOVE a toca life game that connects all the games to tether with a train or bus. You could have it be 1$ if the person already owned all the toca games it was connected to and you could charge 1$ + however much money it was for all the games you didn’t have or the ones you did have would be unlocked and the ones you didn’t have would be locked. I enjoy your games so much but I have always wanted my characters to be able to live a life from start to finish send the kids to the school and the parents to the office and have them go on vacation and have pets and travel the city and more!

Gets Boring

I love it game so much! I feel like I’m way to old for it but lol whatever! I always delete it and instal it and delete it and instal it because it gets boring.

Love it and I have a suggestion

I love toca life games so much I only need to buy 3 left well to my suggestion you should have a toca world you could have every character from all the games and more clothes and 1-3 player in toca world is should be used as the same WiFi people have and no chat so it should be child friendly Thanks for making toca games

I love this

This is awesome I love how you can swim and the hotel is amazing Thank You Toca Life makers continue doing what you do!!!!!!


I love this game, good quality, and generally fun. A game that would be really great, along with Toca world(where all of the life apps are put together into one world) and a mythical animal game, would be an under the sea game. You would have it all under the sea, with the exception of maybe a little island? You could have mermaids for people, a whole undersea city, and lot and lots of sea animals. Any of these would be really fun, and I would pay over five dollars for one!

No five star without doing my idea

Can you connect all of your toca life games I think it would be cool and in each game can you add a bus a train and a taxi


I love it I think you should make toca enchanted creatures there is dragons and unicorns and much more creatures I would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy if this is your next big thing Love your 1


I thing it need more islands after the one

Nice game

It is a fun and creative has a lot of stuff to do so nice and I recommend you try the game🙂🙃🙂

What’s with the statue

I can’t figure out the statue

Needs improvement

It is a very cool game but it is a game that you can not be friends with friends. You do not have the right people they do not have justice. You also are not the first one in my mind and you have a chance you are so sorry. You can come and go to school tomorrow so I don’t want you guys to come to my hotel is what my people in the game said but you know the problem THERE IS NO SCHOOL or imagination.

This game is awesome 😎🙂👍🏼

I really like this app it’s my most favorite one of all of them thanks for making it .If any one who’s planning on buying it this is the app you should get.I really Love the hotel I really like the idea of picking out a room and the best thing there I really like is the hotel and the beach and the boardwalk thank you for making this wonderful app and keep up the good work thank you so much.🙂😋😀


You probably know who I am. I’ve commented a lot on you. But please MAKE A TOCA LIFE AROUND THE WORLD. There can be New York, Paris, Egypt, Scotland, etc..... just all the famous places in the world. And make it like a map and you can tap a famous place on the map and it takes you there! It’s a great way to teach kids geography and it’s fun for everyone! Hope you see this! Bye.


it’s pretty fun i guess but not worth the money. besides, it only cost like three dollars but it used my whole $10 itunes gift card! can someone help?!?!?!?!?!

I have an idea

So i have this app and it is a bit fun but they’re aren’t a lot of things to do and yea i think you should update the places and have a pool, hot tub,Faris wheel and other fun things plus there should be a restaurant and not just one buffet and also add more secrets but not too hard to solve and you should add other things that go to an a amusement park


How can change their clothes??

Soo Adorable

I'm 11 and love this game. My friends and i love the plane and the snacks and everything is just so cute and fun!

I 💕 this app also a suggestion

I love this! It’s the best app ever. Also you should make a app called Toca life cruise.It would have 7 floors 1 for rooms.1 for the kid academy 2 for water fun 1 for food 1 for theater and the last one for check in. Also it would have port stops like France ,Hawaii ,Bahamas.

Please 🙏🏻read

Hey Toca only five sights I think you can do better than that but I absolutely love this game it is amazing 😉 and I hope you'll listen to my suggestion for a new game and the game I'm requesting you to make is...Toca dance you could add in tap,ballet,hip hop,acrobatics,jazz,and lyrical. Plz plz plz take up my request and thank you so so so much and I'm so sorry if this game is to hard to make but at least plz plz plz plz try.😀and again thank you so much 😊 and also I'm sorry if my review was annoying.Bye and thank you

Good but could be better

I love this game but I wish that you could fly the plane to places I also wish that u could put the key in the door hole

I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have wanted this game for so long and now I can play it!


I think the next toca life game should be a toca sport. A beach with jet skiing and scuba diving, a plane for skydiving, a trail for biking, a gym, some soccer fields, just the whole thing

Can you please fix this cat 🐱

I love your app but can you please add the cat 🐱 to be clean instead of being muddy

Amusement park!!!!!

I love toca vacation because I love vacations!! But every time I go on vacation, there has to be a amusement park. So what I’m asking is that you add an amusement park! That’ll make this game even better. (And maybe a water park😉!) Thanks so much!


I love ❤️ Toca Boca it is so much fun!!! But I really think 🤔 you should add a Toca zoo, it would have 🦒🐘🐏🐪, a cafe, and a gift 🎁 shop!

I have a great idea...

Okay Toca Boca, the other day I was playing this game. I had my friend with me and we both wanted to play together. We ended up taking turns which was not fun for us. I hear MY PlayTown has a partner play option where you can connect to a sibling or friend nearby to play. If you could show your game making skills to me by making a partner play option I would be sooo happy. Make it so that you connect through an email or something to each other ( it will be optional to put in email.. you can only partner play with emails) not put chat in. We want a child safe program still. We could have our characters together in the game. You could make it where you have ownership over 1-3ish tocaboca citizens so that the other person cannot take them or use them in an unwanted way. I know that you read the reviews, but I haven't seen any of the suggestions put into place. If you could consider this, I would be so happy with you. You do want satisfied customers don't you??? This is how you satisfy!!! Please consider... -A 12 Year old Toca lover

Cool ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Like everybody is saying you should combine all the apps even if it costs 11$(I will not buy it if it’s over 11)🤑🤑

Brings out the inner kid in me

Ahh I may only be a teenager but my biggest guilty pleasure has to be toca boca games, I play them all the time and come up with stories using my own imagination so I don’t get bored with the app

I like it

I really like the game but there aren't enough secrets. There also isn't a lot of food. And there needs to be more locations.

Yay pizzzza

Hi Toca. Can you please make a toca app with pizza every where in the whole game. Bye 🍕❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I Love Toca Boca!

Hi! I'm a major Toca Boca fan! I seriously recommend this game it's technically just like a beach vacation. But... There should be more! You should be able to choose what KIND of vacation because like I go on trips to the snow and I call that a vacation. And also, I have an idea for a new game, it should be call Toca Boca home, where there's a family and a kitchen and a backyard, and one master bedroom and three kid bedrooms and an attic so basically a real house. Thank you so much for listening to my review! Keep playing!

I expected more

I expected more from this game...I want an update!!!😢


Ok so first of all,a hole LOT of people want their own person to play with on the games. Every ratting I have read said for their own person, you could make a workshop for that, 2 i don’t mean to be mean and all but YOU NEVER READ RATINGS please just try to read a rating Your trying not to be mean friend, The Corgi Qween

We need cars

We need cars for all the games

This game was fun but……

This wasn’t as fun as I thought… still good thoe!

SO FUN!!! -idea-

This game is really fun for kids even adults might like it, you got shops, airports, hotels, it’s really fun it’s worth the money. My -idea- was that it would be nice if the airplane could bring you to places like Toca office etc. . love,canon YT

Toca Life suggestions

Hi I love your games!! I just wanted to suggest some ideas if you need any! First toca life island life where you have houses by the beach and stuff a town by the beach!!

Post pitchers

I think we chould take a photo then create our own caraters.🐈🦄🦉🧦like emojies


I love Toca Boca vacation but a lot of the time kids don't have parents out side of America so how about the next toca you should and need to work on or think about is a Toca Boca orphanage. It is a big idia and the kids who play Toca Boca love the babies in your games. Unfortunately almost every game you make has only two or three babies. Next time you make a toca life think about toca orphanage -tocalover

Something new

Hey I love all your apps and I was wondering if you could add more things on this app like a beach house or like a park and maybe both. I was also thinking for a long time if you could add a subway or a train station. This would allow you to go to to different Toca Boca Life apps that you had like if you didn’t have Toca Boca Life Hospital then you couldn’t go there. But in every app there was a subway or a train station. That’s all I have today but hopefully you take my thoughts into consideration.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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