Toca Life: Vacation App Reviews

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Please 🙏🏻read

Hey Toca only five sights I think you can do better than that but I absolutely love this game it is amazing 😉 and I hope you'll listen to my suggestion for a new game and the game I'm requesting you to make is...Toca dance you could add in tap,ballet,hip hop,acrobatics,jazz,and lyrical. Plz plz plz take up my request and thank you so so so much and I'm so sorry if this game is to hard to make but at least plz plz plz plz try.😀and again thank you so much 😊 and also I'm sorry if my review was annoying.Bye and thank you

Good but could be better

I love this game but I wish that you could fly the plane to places I also wish that u could put the key in the door hole

I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have wanted this game for so long and now I can play it!


I think the next toca life game should be a toca sport. A beach with jet skiing and scuba diving, a plane for skydiving, a trail for biking, a gym, some soccer fields, just the whole thing

Can you please fix this cat 🐱

I love your app but can you please add the cat 🐱 to be clean instead of being muddy

Amusement park!!!!!

I love toca vacation because I love vacations!! But every time I go on vacation, there has to be a amusement park. So what I’m asking is that you add an amusement park! That’ll make this game even better. (And maybe a water park😉!) Thanks so much!


I love ❤️ Toca Boca it is so much fun!!! But I really think 🤔 you should add a Toca zoo, it would have 🦒🐘🐏🐪, a cafe, and a gift 🎁 shop!

I have a great idea...

Okay Toca Boca, the other day I was playing this game. I had my friend with me and we both wanted to play together. We ended up taking turns which was not fun for us. I hear MY PlayTown has a partner play option where you can connect to a sibling or friend nearby to play. If you could show your game making skills to me by making a partner play option I would be sooo happy. Make it so that you connect through an email or something to each other ( it will be optional to put in email.. you can only partner play with emails) not put chat in. We want a child safe program still. We could have our characters together in the game. You could make it where you have ownership over 1-3ish tocaboca citizens so that the other person cannot take them or use them in an unwanted way. I know that you read the reviews, but I haven't seen any of the suggestions put into place. If you could consider this, I would be so happy with you. You do want satisfied customers don't you??? This is how you satisfy!!! Please consider... -A 12 Year old Toca lover

Cool ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Like everybody is saying you should combine all the apps even if it costs 11$(I will not buy it if it’s over 11)🤑🤑

Brings out the inner kid in me

Ahh I may only be a teenager but my biggest guilty pleasure has to be toca boca games, I play them all the time and come up with stories using my own imagination so I don’t get bored with the app

I like it

I really like the game but there aren't enough secrets. There also isn't a lot of food. And there needs to be more locations.

Yay pizzzza

Hi Toca. Can you please make a toca app with pizza every where in the whole game. Bye 🍕❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I Love Toca Boca!

Hi! I'm a major Toca Boca fan! I seriously recommend this game it's technically just like a beach vacation. But... There should be more! You should be able to choose what KIND of vacation because like I go on trips to the snow and I call that a vacation. And also, I have an idea for a new game, it should be call Toca Boca home, where there's a family and a kitchen and a backyard, and one master bedroom and three kid bedrooms and an attic so basically a real house. Thank you so much for listening to my review! Keep playing!

I expected more

I expected more from this game...I want an update!!!😢


Ok so first of all,a hole LOT of people want their own person to play with on the games. Every ratting I have read said for their own person, you could make a workshop for that, 2 i don’t mean to be mean and all but YOU NEVER READ RATINGS please just try to read a rating Your trying not to be mean friend, The Corgi Qween

We need cars

We need cars for all the games

This game was fun but……

This wasn’t as fun as I thought… still good thoe!

SO FUN!!! -idea-

This game is really fun for kids even adults might like it, you got shops, airports, hotels, it’s really fun it’s worth the money. My -idea- was that it would be nice if the airplane could bring you to places like Toca office etc. . love,canon YT

Toca Life suggestions

Hi I love your games!! I just wanted to suggest some ideas if you need any! First toca life island life where you have houses by the beach and stuff a town by the beach!!

Post pitchers

I think we chould take a photo then create our own caraters.🐈🦄🦉🧦like emojies


I love Toca Boca vacation but a lot of the time kids don't have parents out side of America so how about the next toca you should and need to work on or think about is a Toca Boca orphanage. It is a big idia and the kids who play Toca Boca love the babies in your games. Unfortunately almost every game you make has only two or three babies. Next time you make a toca life think about toca orphanage -tocalover

Something new

Hey I love all your apps and I was wondering if you could add more things on this app like a beach house or like a park and maybe both. I was also thinking for a long time if you could add a subway or a train station. This would allow you to go to to different Toca Boca Life apps that you had like if you didn’t have Toca Boca Life Hospital then you couldn’t go there. But in every app there was a subway or a train station. That’s all I have today but hopefully you take my thoughts into consideration.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


👁 💗 toca games i just have an idea. Maybe you can make toca life restaurant and you could call the restaurant Taco boca 😂😂😂😂 im nine years old im trying to collect all the toca boca games and i play toca life town a lot because its on those tablet things at restaurants. 👁 💗 you guys😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍 keep up the good work!👍👍👍👍😁😁😁

This App is pretty awesome I played this for almost 4 years I bet

I love this app so much keep up the good work please Never end you guys are awesome

Watch out!

I downloaded this game for my daughter. A few days later she had 4 other toca games that I did not authorize. Deleted those and requested a refund and then a few days later more toca apps were purchased. She doesn’t know my password (it’s too complicated for her) and I have do not allow in app purchases set up. I am deleting every toca game we have and not allowing her to play it ever again.

Epic so fun

All Toca and Toca life is good and Toca vecashon is so fun because you can have a store and its


Hey your game is sooo addicting but I have an idea you should make a magic flying unicorn in the vacation one and it should be at the beach and you have to talk to some guy and do quests for him to get the magical unicorn and you can level up your unicorn

I love this game! Also an idea:)

Hey guys, can you please add a mythical creatures themed game? It would be so cute. Like there could be centaurs, mermaids and fairies, maybe elves and orcs as well. And like the world would be divided in the mermaids habitat, which could be the ocean or a lake. The elves could live in a castle on the mountains. The fairies could live in the seasons area, maybe like a place that always changes season, from spring to autumn and autumn to winter. It would be cool if there was a city for all of those creatures to encounter, maybe a school for wizards as well. And in the city you could add stores for those creatures. Like really pretty flower dresses for the fairies, and wings. Also being able to choose the characters face and hair would be an cool option, thats a way of not really having to being scared of making characters that look same from other games, but letting us create our own. So we can make them as pretty as we want. Last idea for the game would be like a really epic secret inside it, maybe with the biggest and prettiest diamond of them all... you get the idea... i don't want to know the secret i would like to find out... but yeah. Im 17 years old and to this point i love your toca life series!!

A suggestion for the next app

I’m not rating or making complaints or anything like that I have a suggestion for the next toca life app. I think there should be a Toca Life fame, there would be a movie theater and a red carpet. And there should be a place where you create your own character. There would be two houses. One an average persons house and the other a mansion with one bathroom a kitchen one living room and two bedrooms. And the last place would be the sixth. It would be a very fancy restaurant. I’d love to have this as the next toca life app. And I don’t believe you ACTUALLY read the reviews. I mean I reviewed almost all of your games and none of my wishes came true. So I’m saying something, here, read the frisking reviews and you can have more ideas for apps . Sorry that you don’t read the reviews

I love it but it needs some more things I’m gonna tell you

I think it should have like a place it’s not a hotel like homes and please write back to me what you think and please make more of them

More free Toca games

Dear Toca AB , almost all your games you have to buy and I really want to play Toca city and Toca hospital but I can’t and don’t have enough money and I don’t want to have to buy a game every time I wanna play a Toca game. Thanks to buying all those games I


First I wanna start with, I love his app so much. But.... one think that would make this app even better is, hair, I would love it if we were able to customize the characters hair like in Toca city!!!! Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️

It's boring

This game is cool but it is soooo boring and there is nothing to do but go to the beach or go on a plane. I want more.


I love all the toca life games but i feel like there could be more. Maybe try making a amusement park or carnival or something fun and very interactive! Also, there should be more clothing in every game. Also i think a good idea would be to customize a toca person to look like you or whatever you want it to look like!


I love Toca nova vocation but i would rate it four and one half because we need more baby’s and baby clothes if so this would be the best game ever

I LOVE IT!!! But.... where’s the sloth?

Ok so I’ve been playing this for DAYS and it’s amazing! I was a little...ok a lot disappointed when there wasn’t any sloth... in every one of your games there is a sloth but this one has NONE. Also I think I just needs a little something... just something to really pull it all together: another building or something... but maybe just a little something with pizazz! You know? But this really is a great game! I love it! It’s really fun! Thank you! Your games ROCK!


It crashes at the loading screen, please fix, I do love the TOCA games though, don't let people tear you apart



Awesome, but one thing

So, I love playing this game, but I wish the plane could actually fly to the places! A stationary plane doesn’t do any good! Other wise, the game is great.

New ideas

You should make a roller coaster game


I love toca life vacation but I think you should make a toca life cruise 🚢 because I have been on two week long cruises and I want to be able to go on one on my iPad but overall I love all of the toca life’s

Love them

I love your apps it's like playing sims without needy characters or like playing with a virtual dollhouse!!!!

A suggestion

Hi I’m a huge fan of toca life games, and I have to suggest an idea for the next game. I think it should be called “toca life movie” so there should be a place we’re you can customize your characters. Then you should have another place where they have a the back drops ( but they are actually all the toca life apps) then you press on on of the back drops with your character, and your in one of the other toca life apps ( with the same characters, same place, and same things) I get that this app would be a lot more then the other toca life apps, but I think if you have all of the games you can get the new game for the original price or something!!!! Thank you for reading this!!!

This is not a review this is ideas!

So I did a role play where my characters got married but I think a “Toca Life Marriage” would be a AWESOME add to the series because when I got my characters married they didn’t have any wedding dresses so pls do it in the future I would love to see what you guys come up with!


OMG this game was recommended for me from my BFF and I love it and I cannot stop playing it!I plan on getting more games, but prices are to high. But my dad allowed me to get this game AND I LOVE IT!!!!!! If you are reading this review right now just letting you know that there are many secrets in the game (hint, hint: drag your finger up on the 🌺 near the path at the beach, and at the town square press the octopus tentacle two times, Popsicle two times, and hot dog one time!) Anyway I love this game! I would love to get more!

Hey guys

So I know everyone is recommending a train that passes from a toca life to another.ok so technically this is impossible you can't go from an app to another but if we would be able to transport characters only,that would be great because in toca life we don't have outfits to change and I would love to change the people's outfits or hair in every toca life also an update for toca town were we would have outfits and an extra place would be realllyyyyy great thx .

I love your games

Please please please please make more toca life games please please please please please please please


Although Toca Life: Vacation is great, it would be even better if you update it more because when I play on the other Toca Life apps, it's more updated and high-tech than Toca Life: Vacation which makes less people want to play this game. So, it would be great if you could update the app a bit.

Bottle in the ocean

There is a bottle in the ocean and it says that on the octopus in the place where is the giant octopus 3 things the hot dog the popsicle and the tentacle that is sticking out something will happen can you plz tell me what because i don’t know how to power it !!!

Hey, could you add a few things?🤞

I’ve had this game for a long time, and I was wondering if maybe you could add a grocery store on the boardwalk. And could you also add a spa with a hair solan in it. Please?😃

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